St. Stephen's Nursery School

Expanding the Mind. Nurturing the Spirit. Celebrating the Child. Est.1969.

What Parents Say About St. Stephen's Nursery School

"We love the warmth of the school, found not only in the bright and cheery space, but also within each teacher. The play based program taught our children to love school and thoroughly prepared them for kindergarten. I love that my child wants to be at school with his friends. He enjoys the program and all of the extras that are available like movement and science. In fact he likes science so much he doesn't even consider it school!"

- Carrie Ertl


"As both a parent and an educator, I know how precious early childhood is in a child's life, and how important a time it is in a child's development. St. Stephen's Nursery School offers the kind of program that gives children an excellent educational background. It is cognitively stimulating, yet also focused on social and emotional growth. My three year old loves it, and I love knowing his time will be well-spent and that he's with teachers I trust to guide him gently as he learns about what it means to be in school. I highly recommend the program."

-Sarah Blandford


"I am not sure how to even begin to describe why I love St. Stephen's Nursery School.  Not only are my children tremendously well prepared for kindergarten, but the caring and individual attention they receive from the teachers makes me (and my children) feel as if they are left with a close family member, not just a preschool."

- Magdalena Fincham


"St. Stephen's Nursery School is a wonderful place!  We weren't sure how our children would adapt to separating from us at first.  The school went out of its way to ease the transition and help them feel safe. The nurturing and cheerful environment allowed our children to be comfortable to learn, grow and build confidence.  The teachers are warm, experienced and energetic and their focus on play-based learning and socialization was just what our children needed.  St. Stephen's focused on including us in the learning process.  The result was a true feeling of community; teachers, parents and children working, learning and playing together.  Not only did our kids leave St. Stephen's with wonderful memories, they were well prepared to enter kindergarten.  I look forward to our youngest going through this great program next!"

- Heather Narciso